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Lots of reading...

Oooooh boy, at work today I had to spend an hour and a half (*I think I actually too longer than that*) doing some quizess and reading this huge booklet >>; Worse thing about it was that they sat me near the fridges so I was very cold by the end of it. That booklet was annoying, the checkout manager was all like "You just have to read the higlighted parts" heh....most of it was highlighted XD
As for that test it ranged from food saftey to age releated products and like price control. Food Saftey I'm sure I've passed, most of that was just general common sense, age releated I'm sure I have a few wrong but I may pass and as for Price Control...I guessed pretty much most of those :D

Anyway last night I decided to join another RP which is mugenjou_high and I'm gonna be joining as May from Pokémon :D They already have an Ash and a Misty (*The Ash just cracks me up, seriously *lol*) Anyway gotta finish off her journal and post on the community <3333
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