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Oh joy...

I'm pretty sure my computer is trying to kill itself again... the past two times I've started it up today something has happened. The first time it gave me a blue screen complaining that there was an error and windows had to be shut down and it took a restart to get it working and just not I started it up and it reset itself before loading up correctly...
...this time it's NOT overheating either >>; Ah boy, there's another job on my list of things to do, make sure to back up important files incase it decides to completely crash on me or something.
Can't think what's made it start this but I did run Spy Sweeper yesterday...bet I deleted something I wasn't supposed too ^^;

At least I finished the Spoink guide and replies to e-mails, I really need to work out some schedule so I don't ever get behind again...
...oh yeah and if you see me still online after midnight, kick my ass for me and tell me to go to bed :D I need to start going to bed earlier so I can actually get up in the morning and maybe if I actually get up for breakfast I won't feel so sluggish through the whole day.
New rule for myself, make sure to answer e-mails EVERY day or at least every other day at the most and to make sure to update PDU at least twice a week! Maybe I can set two set days when I update it with something. I got some art and fics and stuff to get up today, as well as my guide for the Spoink ep and Rhyno's guide for the Wishcash one.

Oh yeah and my dad is still a walking pit of depression....oh joy...
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