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What a list to do...

I think I may know why I sometimes fail at writing fanfics...
...I spend an awful lot of time just researching stuff Oo;

I guess any author does research I spent about two hours last night working out characters for a Pokémon fic I want to write. Especially since these characters are Pokémon themselves and I find the information on them so intresting. After all it shows that some Pokémon can be such vicious creatures if not approached right. Ever read the info for a Feraligatr? They rip their victims to shreds OO;;
And yes, one of the characters is a Feraligatr :D

Anyway enough of fanfic rambles today I have to answer e-mails, finish my Spoink guide, update PDU, try and finish the screenshots for GX episode 36, try and save my normal Pokémon scans, try and continue working on the GX and FMA parts of my site...and...er....other things I probably can't remember >>; Yeah...if anything I'll get the spoink guide done that's first on my list of things to do today ^^ Then we'll see, probably e-mails next cos I'm reaaaaallly behind in those ;_;

Ah, looks like my GX box set will still take 2-4 weeks to ship off cos it still says that in my order history XD I should have just waited a few days. Oh well never mind =p
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