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Braving mIRC...again....

Today I woke up and once again decided to brave mIRC for a Pokémon episode =p
Found someone who had no queues and the latest episode but the download speed is so slow XD Now I know why they had no queues but as long as I don't get cut off I don't mind it taking a long time, I can just keep it minamized while I do other things :D
YAY! I have 1% of it!
I should really do something worthwhile today like actually working on PDU outside my picture archive (*Which I have all my normal Pokémon scanned in for just need to edit and save them now*)
I also need to, by some miracle, catch up with these GX screenshots. I finished saving episode 35 last night :D :D w0000t!!!

Hummm, it's a little cloudy, but where are these thunderstorms and rain we're supposed to be having....?
I swear if that doesn't happen today I'm gonna be very mad at weather people >o Cos I could have tried suggesting that we go to the dam today.
Ah by the looks of it, it HAS been raining so....meh...

Gonna go eat now :D
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