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PDUTogepi's Journal
May 7th, 2013 
08:41 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Togepi Line~
So, one of my college tutors is currently hand-rearing a little baby meerkat. The little fella must only be roughly about three weeks old and he's so small and adorable! Last time I saw him he was only three days old. My tutor is letting a few people have a go at feeding him for experience and so I got to feed him today! It's so amazing feeding such a tiny little baby animal! I've never done it before and so I'm really glad my tutor gave me the chance too :) He says I should get to feed him again at some point. I do hope so!!

 photo 767380717_zps0f650f42.jpg

I'm not the one feeding him in the picture, as another girl had a go after me, but just look at the little guy! He seems very healthy and strong, so hopefully he'll make it through the hand-rearing :) He seems to be doing very well!
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