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PDUTogepi's Journal
October 13th, 2012 
10:08 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Excited Iris
Got Black 2 yesterday! I've only just gotten past the first gym and haven't done much more than that, but I do have my friend code for those who might want it!
0218 8692 7904
Please leave your FC's too and I'll add you! :D

College seems to be going much better now. I'm starting to feel a part of the group and I'm getting along with everyone there. They don't half put some work on you though! I just finished the first assignment that needs to be in, I worked really hard on it, so I hope I get at least a decent grade @_@ We shall see!
Already have another two assignments given, with the promise of at least another one or two next week. Eep!
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