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PDUTogepi's Journal
August 14th, 2011 
02:15 am(no subject)
5D's // Dragon and Earthbounds
So, the other day I started this:


A Yu-Gi-Oh based Tumblr for screenshots, like my Pokémon one, but it'll be probably a little more random and a little less updated as Pokémon Time. It's gonna be for all the Yugioh series' hopefully XD Though right now I've only really got some HQ Zexal shots on my computer from episodes 2-4. The 5D's ones I've just been randomly capping today as I transfer 5D's episodes onto my external harddrive.

I was planning to burn my 5D's episodes onto DVDs for storage, but for some odd reason, my CD/DVD writer has decided that it doesn't want to write onto DVDs anymore. It just gives me an error either right at the beginning, or halfway through the burning. I've only successfully burned onto DVD two times out of....many many tries. It wrote fine onto CD's a few weeks ago though, so whether the problem is just with DVD writing, I don't know. But DVDs is what I'm going to need.
I may try asking my brother about it tomorrow. If it turns out my writer is well and truly broken somehow I need to figure out how to replace it...
I could either get someone to fix or replace it, but places like PC World just bleed you dry of money for such things, or so I've heard.
My other, and probably cheapest, option, is trying to get a cheap external DVD writer which I can just plug into my computer via USB, rather than getting the internal one fixed/replaced.
We'll see anyway.
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