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PDUTogepi's Journal
June 15th, 2011 
01:50 am(no subject)
mlp:fim // RAINBOWS
I haven't really updated much here lately, nothing much going on. My knee feels almost back to normal now, though it still can ache and twinge every now and then, guess it'll be like that for a little while. Still is just slightly bigger than my left knee, meaning there's still a tad bit of swelling there. Other wise it's good and I have no problems walking on it (Other than it getting tired quicker than my other leg).

I just finished capping the first Pokémon movie today, so will have that linked up for picture downloads soon on my site (And here), but the downloads for the movie caps are pretty big, because I kept them as PNGs XD;

I also just made a sort of wants list for ponies, including all the ones not actually released yet.

Click for much bigger version.

Yeah, that's a lot of ponies. I'm glad that the majority of them haven't come out yet! And... I'm trying to not get the other main ponies from the show until they come out over here in September.

And now to sleep!
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