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Ever had one of those days....

Well we didn't end up going and in the end *I* had to make the final desicion cos my dad, once again, couldn't give me a straight answer. He WAS thinking of going but then he tested his blood sugar and it was really high, after that he said he'd test it in about an hour. About an hour and a half later he tests it again and it's a lot lower but still kinda high for the time of day.
I leave the decision up to him whether he wishes to go or not...
....he doesn't give me an answer.
I go upstairs and come down a little later to see him still stood in the kitchen, eventually he starts complaining of a headache and stuff. So I decide FOR him that we're not going >_< Honestly he cannot seem to make a desicion, if he's not feeling too good then we don't go, how simple is that!

So now he's probably slummped in front of the TV moaning about how depressed he is...it seems that's all he does, say how much he's "had enough" and how "Depressed he is" ect. ect. freakin ect. It's really just annoying me now >_< As he keep CONSTANTLY saying it to the point where I constantly reply "Tell me soemthing I don't know" or "That's nothing new..."

And on top of ALL this, I decide to go and start on the parodies and guess what....my microphone has suddenly decided that it doesn't want to work!! >_< WTF!? It was working FINE the other week and I've done nothing to it to make it stop working...
Arrrghh! >________<;;;;;;
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