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PDUTogepi's Journal
December 11th, 2010 
11:03 am(no subject)
PKMN // Togepi Line~
So last night I managed to get the majority of Christmas presents for people, not that I had much time to really think what to get because I had to do it after work and had to drag my dad into the store so he wouldn't be waiting outside for a long time and naturally he just didn't want me to be a long time. These days he doesn't even have to tell me to "hurry up", I can literally feel the vibes of it from him and it really pisses me off sometimes. Didn't help that I kinda wanted to get some other things, but completely forgot to. Blah.

Today I will be hopefully starting on this damn room of mine. Cleaning it top to bottom, ever inch I can. With soapy water and dust wipes and whatever else! Also need to clean the mould from around my window :/ I've also decided to maybe do away with the desk in one part of my room (That my Togepi collection original was on before I moved it to the collection room) since to be honest I can't really use it all that much as a desk. It's in the darkest area of my room and no where near any plugs for a lamp. I need the extra space since this room keeps feeling way too cramped.
I plan to re-arrange how my computer stands in the hopes that I can free the pull out part and make that an area for drawing/my tablet ect. Currently my keyboard is there so I'm planning to put that in front of my monitor.

Hoping that this weekend/this week I can start putting Christmas decorations up too.

Eh, GPX+ keeps going down .__. Guess that's a sign for me to start working on this room XD

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