November 24th, 2010

PKMN // Togepi Line~

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Oh boy @_@ The Let's Talk place just called and they wanted to go through all the questions in the questionnaire again XD Though this time it was slightly easier to reply to because I had someone actually reading them out and expanding on what the questions meant and such... I talked a lot XD; Giving huge explanations for almost everything.
My arm was a bit cramped by the end of it, haha XD
Hopefully this means they'll be contacting me with something soon? That seems to be the suggestion, so I'll wait and see.

Work hasn't been too bad lately, I've had a few bad days, but most of the supervisors are avoiding putting me on the basket till if they can, which is obviously my main set-off, other than really busy days. I did finally manage to mention this to the checkout manager about it to and I asked to talk to her about it, so I'm hoping she'll see me next week about it and I can tell her exactly what's going on, what I've tried ect.

So glad I've got a day off on Friday @_@ Maybe I can finally get round to cleaning this room of mine! I wanna be able to have the space to put Christmas decorations up in a few weeks.