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PDUTogepi's Journal
July 21st, 2010 
06:43 am(no subject)
FMA // ...what
I've stayed up all night trying to fix this thing. Originally the computer just kept freezing (Except for the cursor) everytime I tried to do something. So with a lot of help, I booted it into safe mode and we went through everything that loads up on startup. We un-ticked a few that weren't nesscery and wasn't clear what they were exactly for (I also stopped things like MSN Messanger and aim ect. from starting up)
Doing this, I was able to work on the computer with no freezes, Avast also didn't give me any alert about the malware.
Anyway I grabbed MalwareBytes and did/am doing what sel and my friends in IRC have suggested. I did a quick scan first which brought up two problems with microsoft security center and now I'm doing a full scan.
If it doesn't find anything in this full scan, then I will have to try again to do a full scan with avast (I tried that in safe mode once and after 7 hours it had only done 8% of the scan... dunno if that was because of being in safe mode but urgh annoying.) I really need to get rid of some of the crap on my computer.

Gonna try and stay up until this scan finishes, then maybe sleep for a bit... so tired.

My brother said that he may come around to take a look at this too...dunno when though, hahaha.
05:05 pm(no subject)
FMA // ...what

So... I may not have malware after all.
...goddamn you avast *shakes fist*
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