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PDUTogepi's Journal
May 9th, 2010 
01:25 am - GEN 5 STARTERS
PKMN // Togepi Line~

Going by silhouettes alone? I want the bunnypig!
I really can't wait until they're revealed! My predictions of what they'll look like are terribly crap!

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/Art%20Stuff/Sketches%20and%20Doodles/starters1.jpg - BUNNYPIG
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/Art%20Stuff/Sketches%20and%20Doodles/starters2.jpg - HAPPY OTTER AND... LEAFBIRD THING
11:54 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Togepi Line~
I think I only have one and a half weeks left to work before I'm off for nearly two weeks! I really do feel like I needs the time off @_@
I've got a lot of things to do before the London Expo.
I need to clean my room, finish off my Togepi Gijinka-ish costume and I fully intend to stop being lazy and get my hair cut possibly sometime this week! I also have the dentist on Wednesday :o I must actually pin up a reminder in my room for that XD

I intend to get up a post on pkmncollectors this week about possible details of the London Expo meet, which I've been meaning to do. For those going on my f-list and are comm members, I'm thinking Sunday at around 12:30pm as a tentative day and time, but I need to see if this is okay for the majority who are going, I'd imagine it should be an okay time and Sunday will probably be preferred, it's a little less maniac on Sundays XD I may work out the post tonight and if I'm happy, post it tomorrow before work, but we'll see! XD
I plan to wear the Togepi outfit that day. I hope it's not gonna be cold, I'll be wearing a skirt (Which I haven't done since I was ...what? Ten? something like that! XD I'm not a skirt/dress wearing person, haha! XD)
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