November 2nd, 2009

PKMN // Togepi Line~

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So cute~ ♥

Canvas Turtwig arrived this morning! YAY for EMS!
He came with a bigger Turtwig (A DX UFO I believe) who is just so adorable and droopy XD I was considering trying to sell him, but he's so roly-poly looking and has the tubbiest stomach ever ♥ Don't think I can part with Little Twig's big brother XD

Poor things looked so squashed when I got them out of the box.

With the arrival of Little Twig, this makes my canvas plush collection ALMOST complete! The only one I'm missing now is dear little Cherrim :D
PKMN // Togepi Line~

London Expo Report

FINALLY getting around to posting this! XD

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So that was my run down of the weekend! Congrats if you read all of it!! XD

In other news, according to Amecon's site and facebook, the con isn't being held in Leicester next year. I can only hope they hold it in a place that's decently easy for me to get to. The only thing that stopped me from going to Aya this year was because of how far it was and how many damn train changes there were.

I'm going to some event meeting thing for the charity shop tomorrow. The manageress insisted I should go so... XD A bunch of others are going too, but I actually didn't know for sure if we were going or not until today when I had to ring the shop and ask .__. Apparently I should of been told last week but... wasn't. Ah well. Though this means I have to get up early @_@ Rawr. I haven't had much sleep these past two days either.
Work seems to be giving me over-time here there and everywhere again, which I guess isn't a bad thing...if you think about da monies anyway.

Hopefully my dad and I will be going shopping either tonight or tomorrow... we need food in the house, but my dad kept refusing to take me shopping until after he defrosted the freezer 8|

That's all for an update of my life XD