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PDUTogepi's Journal
September 5th, 2009 
PKMN // Togepi Line~
in character.
◢ ask any of my characters ( listed or not! ) a question. ask them anything you want, regardless of knowing their canon or not.
◢ if they are from an au!world, it will be stated in the return comment title.
◢ feel free to ask them as your own character, if you want. either way, your question might be returned with one of their own, if they feel so inclined.

⇒ Yuuki Juudai
⇒ Yubel
⇒ Hane Kuriboh/Neo Spacians
⇒ Hibiki Midori
⇒ Rally
⇒ Ruka
⇒ Pharaoh
⇒ Kawasaki Tomoko (OC)
⇒ Kawasaki Sayuri (OC)

All my characters are pretty much semi AU-ish and all from the same RP! Feel free to ask them anything you want, either with your own characters or not! :D And yes, I will be replying AS the characters!
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