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PDUTogepi's Journal
July 1st, 2009 
12:18 am - Cute!
PKMN // Togepi Line~
Oh god... thanks to sapphireluna's post in her LJ, I've just spent god knows how long watching a CUTE ANIMATED KITTEN.

She's just so cute ;w;

I got up to episode 50 then finally managed to pull myself away. I'll be watching the rest though, sweet mind-numbing cuteness ;w;

In other news, it's WAY too humid ~_~ Urgh...

Only three days to work, then I have a week off! Yaay!
12:20 pm(no subject)
PKMN // Togepi Line~
Rawr, I hate it when I oversleep and only have enough time to basically eat then go to work :/ It's a long shift too, orz.
On top of that, this heat seems to be setting allergies off. My coughing is no longer sponsored by my cold, but now by my allergies, OH BOY WHAT FUN THAT IS.

I kinda just wanna curl up and go back to sleep :/
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