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PDUTogepi's Journal
March 3rd, 2009 
11:01 am - Re-Organization
PKMN // Togepi Line~
Gwah, my eye feel kinda sore this morning... and my right arm aches ;A; Must of slept on it funny or something, blaaah.

Also Ambipom and Cherrim.
Oh god they're all so cute *Melts into puddle of squee~* Now if only they'd make a Togetic Pokédoll :< (Also need to eventually get my hands on a Togepi Pokédoll... that DOESN'T cost £40-£50 D:)

This morning I woke up with the thought of moving a shelving unit my brother gave me off the hallway upstairs and into my room somewhere as a temp place to put my figures and things, leaving me two whole shelves for pluuuuush~ I was/am gonna use that shelf in the spare room for the figures but... no movement on dad decorating it yet v.v
The only bad thing about where I've put the shelf in my room is that it's RIGHT by the door, so you walk into my room, you're tempted to walk right into the unit XD; It's also a bit unstable, but seems stable enough to hold figures.
My only other solution is to leave it in the hallway and put my figures on it out there, but I doubt my dad will like that D|

I'm gonna leave it where it is for now and see how many times my dad runs into it or complains that it's there :< It needs a serious dusting too, it's been in our hallway not being used for ages!

Also need to write a story for my Juudai account on DA_R2, I knew I should of given myself a bit more time to write it up XD;
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