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Just more Random Rambles!

Ooooh, I'm kinda hoping those GX DVDs I ordered are shipped off earlier than I expected cos the shipping has changed to 3-5 days now X3 Guess we'll see!

I've been listening a lot to L'Arc~en~Ciel recently (*Especially the "LOST HEAVEN" song that's the theme of the FMA movie*) I had downloaded the other tracks off thier album and it's pretty awesome X3 My friend Helen once asked me to burn her some Japanese rock tunes and stuff for her to listen too when I introduced her to a few songs on my MP3 player, I might give her these tunes cos L'Arc~en~ciel seems like a band she'd listen too :D I'll give it to her anyway and see if she likes it ^^

Right, back to these Pokémon images, I have all my grass Pokémon scanned in just need to resize them and stuff X3
I was actually thinking of buying more cards from the Ex-Emerald series today but Woolworths were all out of Pokémon AND Yu-Gi-Oh cards XD Had plenty of Duel Masters though XD
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