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Pretty Pokémon Pictures


Well I got up all the different Electric Pokémon pictures I had, click on the thumbnails and you get a bigger picture of it :D It even includes a piccie from my Holo-Raichu card which is one of my favoruites since at the time my most favoruite Pokemon was Raichu and I got that in the very first pack I ever bought :D

I'm doing grass Pokémon now *lol* I have so many it took me a while to sort them out into the different evolution chains so I could scan them together. Working on Chikorita - Bayleef - Meganium right now.

I'm gonna be putting episode pictures at this address as well, but they'll be in .zip files cos I'm too lazy to upload them seperatly, plus I want to see how much these card picture scans affect my bandwidth....shouldn't be TOO much as I barely use even a quarter of it a month XD;;

Also should be doing housework >>; But found out I had no hot water so I had to wait for that to heat up and then found out some of the pans and such really needed to soak first XD;;
My dad will be home soon too XP Oh well I'm sure he won't mind if I finish them off in a little while...
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