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It's fun to watch a natural light show!

The thunderstorm yesterday was freakin' awesome! I was watching the lightening from the spare room window and the lightening was like...PINK! :D Looked pretty vicious too O_O;;
Then we had a second thunderstorm around 10-half ten last night but that didn't come over us really a couple of good rumbles and it was gone.
Apparnetly North Yorkshire had it bad, with flash floods and stuff.

Damn it was soooooo warm last night. When the second thunderstorm hit I came off the computer and wasn't gonna go back on but then I started sorting through all my Pokémon cards and decided to scan the pretty art on them for PDU. I managed to get all my different Pikachu's, my two Pichu cards and my Holo Raichu one before my computer really started complaining it was hot. The cut off temprature (*The temprature it resets at*) is 85... my temprature got as high as 83 at some points so I called it a night XD;;

At the moment the temprature is still unusually high but it's only at 71 with me not using too much on it right now, last night it was around 75-76 XP So yeah gonna make the most while it's a bit cooler and get some more of these cards scanned in, just working my way through my collection of electric Pokémon right now, just scanned all my different Chinchou cards :D :D

Oh and I almost forgot...

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At about midnight my dad and I wandered into the back garden hoping that it was more cooler outside than in the house (*It wasn't by much*) and we spotted a Snail on the wall of our house! I love snails! I think they're adorable X3 So I took a photo of it, although this one is the only one that decently came out since it was dark XP

Right best carry on with these pictures :D
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