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Wheee! Thunder!

It's been so uberly hot all day, my computer was threatening to overheat....again, but now it's cloudy and there's a thunderstorm brewing outside! :D Whoooo!
I don't mind thunderstorms during the day, it's during the night I hate them....scary~~!

Oh and before my DS decided it needed charging up I was doing so well on my game, I defeated Brawley on my first try. It helped that I had my Taillow and Ralts :D Oh and Lola the Lotad was the first Pokémon of my team to evolve! She's a Lombre now :D
Tsubasa the Taillow is now the highest level Pokémon on my team at Lv 16, Kaiser the Mudkip is still at 15 and the other three (*Lola the Lombre, Sakura the Skitty and Reef the Ralts*) are at 14 X3
Just gotta wait for my DS to charge up now.

Hummmm, I think I should disconnect the internet while this storm is outside XP Just incase...
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