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OMG! I'm a happy fangirl!! :D

OMG! OMG! My dad let me order the GX Duel Box set 1!! X3
Togepi is a very happy fangirl!! :D :D
Sure it cost me about £100 with the best shipping, but who cares! I can afford it! GX Duel Box 1!! :D I'm gonna own the Japanese episodes officially! Officially in a pretty box with post cards and a 16-page booklet :D YAAAAY!

...I have officially sold my soul to GX...
...no...wait...I did that a while ago XD;;

Now is the wait cos the shipping of it is between 2-4 weeks...looong wait XD But I chose the fastest shipping method once it does ship off should only take 3-6 days once it's sent off.
I just hope when it does arrive, it's not on a day I'm at work >>; Meeep...

Damn it's warm...

When it comes...HQ scans for all! :D
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