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Week off from now!!

Hummm, today I was glad I didn't get the customer the lad who was on the till in front of me did. I have no idea what the customer was so angry about as I wasn't paying attention until he started raisng his voice Oo; It was kind of scary, I'm also always amazed that some people can keep so calm in that kind of situation, the supervisor who was dealing with him she told him in to not shout at her and the tone in her voice was all like "I'm not being intimidated by you >o"
Me? If it was me who had to deal with that, I'd panic and get upset XD;; Although I was once told by one of the guys there that he was amazed how I dealt with a difficult customer once and how calm I remained (*But inside I upset XD*) and that customer wasn't shouting, he was just annoyed. That was a while ago though, talking first year I was there I think.

That customer today though....very scary. I couldn't understand what he was shouting about either XD;; I think they even switched the panic alarm on too, just to get security and managers there. I think it was that till anyway as the panic alarm sounded at that time... very loud alarm that and we have times when it goes off when people catch it by acctident XD;;

Okay well I'm not there for a week so it's time to start catching up on things.

PDU needs updating a LOT this next week. I'll catch up with e-mails, wth updates, with episode guides, with screenshots the best I can. Also I need to update my GX and FMA parts of my site, I also want to move them to their own sub-domains once I get round to making them.
Both sites also need names too, I've been thinking about one for the GX site all day but I'm unsure what to call it XD;;
I was working a bit on it last night, just adding the new opening and ending titles and rambles to the music section and creating an episode title list (*Which I've made in a table so I can have the Japanese name in one columm and the English name in the other*) still need to load them up though.

Other things I need to catch up on are the FMA dub Love quote icons which have been put on hold since I had no time to actually watch the dub of FMA XD But I should be able to get through those and catch up to the series.

So yes! This week I need no procrastination, I need to work work work and all this stuff! YES!!! XD;;
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