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Cos I promised Hayato would get an icon: Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Man it is so sticky and humid kinda warm right now --; My room gets so warm in the summer....blah...
Plus moths keep getting in my room :o I have to keep catching them under glasses and letting them go outside XD

Talked to my dad about this Duel Box set thingy for GX that was released in Japan a few days go and I think he's gonna let me order it with his credit card X3 I've never ordered anything off CDJapan before Oo;
Sure, I could wait for the Dub DVDs to be released, but those won't come with a pretty 16-page booklet and postcards >D All of which will get scanned VERY high quality if I get them. If I remember the box sets for the previous series came with character sketches and I adore character sketches :D It helps with fanart as it shows you all the details and such, and gives you different views of them.

BUT he still has to take a look at the site...and my dad is the type to find things wrong with anything XP But the way I work it out it'll be about £86 for the box set and £9 for shipping, hummmmm...
So it's still a big IF...but if he's still okay with it tomorrow, I might be able to order it then :D

This also will be good for screenshots...cos Saiyaman's raws for the first part of the series were pretty bad XD;;

Talking of tomorrow I'm working XD They wanted me to do a little 4 hour shift *lol* But noooo more until The Sunday after this one cos I'm gonna enjoy my whole week off >D Muwhahahaha!!

Okay I should go and try and sleep XP
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