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Gota a new icon *Points to icon* When I saw the cover of the GX DVDs that came out in japan recently, I think, I saved the picture of it cos it was too darn cute X3 Juudai, Shou and Hayato all doing Juudai's little pose *Squee* I couldn't fit Hayato on this one so I think I'll make one of him on his own XD

Oh yes and here is a picture for Hinoryu :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes, that's Manjoume, dressed as Jack Sparrow :D Crack conversations make me want to draw weird weird things *lol* And yes, Asuka and Juudai were supposed to be playing Will and Elizabeth. Asuka took Juudai's bling to play the part of the Medallion but Juudai is throwing a tantrum cos he wants it back XD

...Jack Sparrows outfit is really detailed O___o;

Ah-Ha! Dad has returned with food!! X3 *Runs off to eat*
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