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I'll cross the road when I want to...

So today, a lady sat in a car, angrilly pipped and started waving at me because I was stood on the pavement patiantly waiting for the green man to cross the road like people should, but JUST because at that time there was no traffic coming she seemed to think she had the right to tell me when to cross the damn road...
...well I'm sorry lady, for playing it safe >>; Traffic comes from all directions on that road and I'd rather cross when it's safe to thankyou very much! ¬¬;;

Anyway Stars, if you see this I finally sent off those wristbands for you, sorry it took a while ^^;

Hummm, town still doesn't have the Lost Millennium packs but that's probably a good thing for now *lol* I bought some of the other packs that were in Toymaster, just one of each they had. So far I've only opened one and the first thing I saw was Armed Dragon LV3 X3 Then I also got The Red Eyes B. Chick too!

I think I'm just going to be a happy fangirl everytime I get a card that was featured in GX, I'm such a dork XD

*Opens the others*
I'm amused by the name "4-starred Ladybug of Doom" :D
*lol* I'm also amused that this magic card I have called "Harpies' Hunting Ground" has the Ojama Trio in the picture XD;; I also got a Harpy Lady! Sweet!
"Raging Flame Sprite" is SO going in my deck O cute!
I look at "Chu-ske the Mouse Fighter" and I automaticlly thought "Hey, it looks like Rock Lee from Naruto!"
Also YAY! I have Toon World :D

Okay my dad left me some housework to do so I best go and do it XD;;
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