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Busy, Busy little....Togepi?

Okay so I've answered e-mails (*Checks off the list of things to do today*), I'm currnetly making my way through messages on Deviant Art, the Hamster could use cleaning out and I really really REALLY need to get on with some episode guides for PDU... but come the begining of April I may purchuse that new server and keep PDU down on hiatus for two or so weeks which gives me the chance to get everything up, the site will be deleted dead on the 15th of April so I need to make sure I do all this before then...
...up until then I need to design a new colour scheme for PDU (*I'm thinking blues this time...nice sky blues to say SUMMER IS....close XD*)

Then again I need to see when this all falls in with Broadband cos I may be without a net connection for a little while... depends how "Soon" my dad gets it...hummmm...

And remind me to never say "Pokémon and Yugioh make sundays worth living" ever again....i just end up tempting the evil greedy hand of fate... I DID manage to see an episode and a half of Yugioh and I was LUCKY my dad taped the repeat of Pokémon as last night while I was innocently reading the 5th Harry potter book at 1am LOL (*I need to finish reading it*) my dad comes in my room and tells me to "Not get up early before work" Suspiciously I was all like "Whyyyyyyyyy?" and apparnetly his MOTOR RACING was on and it clashed with Pokémon >_<
The thing that pissed me off the most with it is the fact that the motor racing was on ITV, a channel he could watch WITHOUT sky digital but noooooo he HAD to watch it on digital didn't he cos he wanted too >_< GAH! It's not like I watch anything ELSE really....just those two shows on a sunday morning!


Work was....intresting.... micheal made sure to keep me busy with odd jobs O_o;; I don't think I barely got near the delievery today he seemed to want to do that himself and kept me mostly away from it... but meh....as long as I had something to do XD

Okay so when am I gonna start spending less time on the computer.... hummmm....
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