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I gots me some Elemental Heroes!

I spent a lot of money on Yu-Gi-Oh cards today, I must be insane XD;;
But it seems I don't have the godly luck of Juudai, unfortunatly none of the packs I bought had Hane Kuriboh ;___; I think he's gonna prove to be a little bugger to get (*It's always the one you most want, ey?*)

Buuuuut, I got a good haul of Elemental Heroes :D I got Clayman, Featherman, Sparkman and Burst Lady and I also got Hero Signal! :D (*Yes I don't want to use the changed names for Featherman and Burst Lady, too used to their Japanese ones XD*)

Here is my complete list:

Monster Cards:

1 X Wynn the Wind Charmer
2 X Aussa the Earth Charmer
1 X Hiita the Fire Charmer
1 X Eria the Water Charmer
4 X Guardian Statue
1 X Medusa Worm
1 X Millennium Scorpion
2 X Ancient Gear Soldier
1 X Ancient Gear Beast
2 X White Ninja
2 X Grave Ohja
2 X Batteryman AA
2 X Elemental Mistress Doriado
2 X Monk Fighter
1 X Master Monk
1 X D.D Survivor
2 X King of the Skull Servents
1 X Dummy Golem
4 X Des Wombat
2 X Guardian Statue
3 X Mine Golem
2 X Moai Interceptor Cannons
1 X Elemental Hero Avian
2 X Elemetal Hero Sparkman
2 X Elemental Hero Clayman
3 X Elemetal hero Burstinatrix

Magic Cards:

2 X Battery Charger
2 X Double Attack
3 X Impenetrable Formation
2 X Doriado's Blessing
2 X Final Ritual of the Ancients
2 X Kaminote Blow
3 X Gift of the Martyr
1 X Shifting Shadows

Trap Cards:

1 X Hero Signal
1 X Minefiled Eruption
1 X Mispolymerization
2 X Lone Wolf
2 X Grave Lure
3 X Rock Bombardment
3 X Pikeru's Second Sight
2 X Level Conversion Lab

If I have a card you want (*Except Featherman and Hero Signal, I'm not giving them up XD;;*) and you have a spare Hane Kuriboh I'm willing to negociate :D :D *Looks hopeful*

I'm still amazed at how flat chested Burst Lady looks XP

Wheeeee~! 29 minutes until episode 37 is finished downloading!

Oh and I drew some cool stuff on the train, some of which were from the drawing meme I posted a few days back, I'll post them later :D
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