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Brock X3

Well a mini-ramble of The Chronicles episode "The Family that Battles Together Stays Together"

It seems that, yes, 4Kids ignored the stupid choice they made in the early episodes when they declared Brock's mother as dead. In this she is very much alive and it seems that she's been there the whole time XD;; Oh dear, 4Kids are sooooo not good with continuity :p Though it was a lovely and well done episode and I loved how humorous Brock is when he gets all pissed off about the gym being turned into a water Pokémon gym. Some lovely funny lines too :D

Brock's mothers name is "Lola" and the brother of Brock who was most focused on is named "Forest" :D Oh yeah and Forest is just like his big brother, he likes teh girls!! XD

I'm looking forward to the rest of Chronicles :D The next one I am really looking forward to is the 2nd Team Rocket one that shows their past X3

Need to save these screenshots I took of it now XD
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