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No cards but I got Chronicles! :D

Well I looked in Toymaster but they didn't have the Lost Millennium booster packs and just now out of curiosity I looked on google to see if I could find a release date for them in the UK. (*I actually looked last night but with no luck*)
The release date is the 15th of June according to one UK Yu-Gi-Oh site :D That's tomorrow!
Best thing is that I saw my friend Helen today and apparnetly she's off work all this week so hopefully I'll be going to Meadowhall either tomorrow or Thursday with her, if she wants to go. I'm waiting for her to call on that :D

Also, remembering that the first Pokémon Chronicles DVD was released yesterday, after leaving the Chairty shop I wandered into Woolworths to see if they had it and they did! :D YAY! I am SO watching the one about Brock first X3

Also I feel like crap, but for some odd reason I always feel like crap on a Tuesday...
...it didn't help when some genius decided to leave their cigerette end on the counter at the chairty shop >>; Urgh, it was horrid, the smell was just....erk...I really really REALLY detest cigerettes and the smell of it just lingered. It didn't help that this girl was smoking it outside before she left it and the smell just drifted into the shop...blah you know the type of person she was, one of those mouthy ones that wears all teh bling and sportswear and spouts crap like "Oi, tell 'im I'm gonna bang 'im" and "I got ah rite picture of yous two!" both of which were exact quotes of things she was shouting outside of the shop to people across the road >>;
Then she goes and leaves her cigerette on the counter....oh joy...
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