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A Work Rambling

You know, at work I hear children cry ALL the time, but today I got a customer who's baby (*Which looked about six months old maybe*) could squeal like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum.
Seriously, when they were at the top of the checkout I thought it was a toddler the lady had with her somewhere.
Mother's comment: "She's not going to make a very good toddler"
*lol* That amused me XD

It was the most amusing thing of my shift I think...it was long and I really gotta stop letting my lack of confidence get the better of me.
Oh, and apparnetly I take too long on breaks XP Lately they've been trying to crack down on everything... I take too long on breaks, I make too many voids, your items per minute is low...damn and I thought I was doing good on that section >>; The breaks thing is an acctident really, I always time myself from when I get into the canteen, not from when I sign off the till, just cos I can never remember it. Not like it was THAT much time extra anyway... XP

I really should sleep, why do I never sleep until like 3am...
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