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God`s gift : Hebrew

Life is never dull with your adventurous and restless spirit. You are always on the move and seeking a new challenge to pit your wits against. Being in touch with nature you love the outdoors. You have keen intuition and a desire for knowledge and you can be something of a crusader. When you apply discipline and tenacity to your energetic mind then leadership positions are easily available to you.

------> http://bostonuk.com/names/

That....dosn't sound like me at all Oo; "Adventerous and restless spirit" WTF? I think the only thing it got right was the fact that I like nature *lol*

Blah I feel all crappy today, ya know, I don't think I've felt quite right since I had that cold the other week, I keep feeling a little stuffed up and just....well...off, I guess. Either the cold is lingering like the last one or it really is my hay fever....although looking at today *Lotsa clouds, very gloomy* I wouldn't have thought my hay fever would play up as much XP Blah...

Last night I dreamt I was walking to my house and I saw a bunch of kids blowing up pieces of newspaper. One of which showed me with flamming bits of paper...
...I have no idea where my head gets these things from I really don't.

Ten Minutes until Pokémon, best go downstairs and get something to eat :D
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