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Today was a little better!

Well today work started off a little rough (*Mostly cos I was in a bad mood*) but the rest of the day wasn't too bad, maybe my bad week streak is finally ending? I damn well hope so XP
Just two more days then three days off! YAAAY!

*lol* Someone is spamming the GX RP and it's mostly a post on my Juudai account that got spammed with stupid comments XD;; Ah well, if it carries on guess I'll have to dis-allow anonymous posting, but I like anonymous posting cos we have a lot of fun replying as random characters who are NPCs and it's a bit annoying to stay in the NPC account the whole time :/ *shrugs*

I think I'll go and finish off that Kouichi oekaki that I've been doing on Nicoles board, I don't have much to do on it now.

So there for I leave you with this drawing meme that I stole from ryo_hakkai

1. Comment here and request something for me to draw and I'll doodle it for you.
2. You have no say in how I draw the picture or the quality thereof.
3. If you want to, put this in your journal too~

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