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I'm such a damn idiot...

I'm an idiot....a damn stupid idiot --;

Ack! This entire week since Tuesday at least ONE thing has gone wrong at work making me wish I had never gone each day! Today I SOMEHOW forgot to write some details onto the back of a cheque I took. This is the first time I have ever forgotten to do this one task. I know there is a first time for everything and that I'm only human, I make mistakes and we all forget to do things, but still, I'm gonna get my hand slapped for that one, big time >>; And I really do hate it when I know I've done something wrong, I hate upsetting people and I hate being a burden to them, I swear I must be the biggest burden to that place EVER!

Anyway I was glad I caught it before I sent the cheque off so I did what I thought was right and told one of the supervisors about it, in the hopes that maybe something could be done or it would somehow make the situation less worse, but it really did nothing except embarass and upset me, blah...
The supervisor called me a nightmare for doing it which really, she's right --; She then just told me to send it off like normal, knowing it's only gonna get sent back *Slams head on keyboard* Worst thing is I have a whole 8 hour shift tomorrow, I'm not looking forward to seeing what goes wrong during that shift. Knowing my luck it'll be right at the begining so I spend the rest of the shift just wanting to go home.

I think today I was too distracted by my irritated throat (*Thanks Hay Fever*) and the fact that I was really tired, I didn't sleep too well last night cos of the heat >>;

*sighs* So I await my telling off for that...

Anyway good news is that my dad cleaned up the inside of my computer and now it's back to it's usual temperature :D

This crappy week SO deserves my Manjoume angst icon XP
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