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I need a cooler computer...

Cooler today, computer still unusually high in temprature. I'm gonna ask my dad if he'll hoover the thing out while I'm at work and see if that improves it.
It's kinda worrying when I go to open up an oekaki to finish it and the little numbers go into red range O_____O; Meeep!

Oh yes and the reset it did yesterday has gone and corrupted winamp, it just gives me an error everytime I go to open it, which means I have to reinstall it XP Blah!
Well at least this time I know what's wrong with it...not like last year when it took my dad and I months to figure it out >>;

Also, I'm starting to suffer from Hay Fever, oh joy...

...I had too much fun with the subject of "melons" on the GX RP last night :D :D
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