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Overheating Computer...

Okay so I have a little thing on my computer which tells me the temprature inside it...
...lets say right now the temprature is in amber range while I'm not using photoshop, it only ever reaches amber range when I use photoshop >>; I think my computer isn't liking this warm weather....and it is quite warm in here, my room feels like a furnace in the summer --;

I'm only checking the temprature cos my computer reset on me earlier and that's something it hasn't done since last year, back when my fan was so clogged with dust it was overheating all the time.
I think it's time my dad and I cleaned the dust out again...

75!? Damn....it never reaches that high even when I AM using photoshop....damn....

Yeah so I'll be posting episode 36 ramble tomorrow morning when it's hopefully a bit more cooler XD;;

Technology isn't my friend today....my mobile phone kept switching itself off earlier while I was trying to text Helen >>;
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