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Dream + Moke Moke scuplture~~!

Well I checked my time table and luckily I do have the week after next off :D YAAAAY! I can use it to catch up on so much stuff, like my poor neglected site *pets it* Also I could use it to catch up on the anime I haven't watched yet, like Bleach XD;;
Ah I'll plan to do so much stuff and then spend the whole week doing nothing at all XP
I'm still hoping to convince my dad to take me up to the peak district so I can take some pretty photos :D

Talking of Photos I had a dream where I was taking photos of animals last night, I was out in the country and they were all appearing. I happened to have my digital camera on me so I started taking photos of this strange bird with a little chick, sooooo cute. Then I looked up and saw a baby deer... well.... actually...it was Bambi and I was like "Hey look! Bambi!" *Takes photos* I also remember being near a river or something at one point with my mum and dad. We walked down it and there were these awesome and amazing buildings at one point. There were also little green birds in the canal and I was like "What are those!?"
Hummmm, I'm sure I've been at that same canal in my dreams before :/ I get a sense of Deja vu when I think of it, then again, I tend to quite often get a sense of Deja Vu with a lot of my dreams.

Ooooh! And I promised I would post this

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah not that great as I have next to no 3D Art skillz but it's still fun to make them. I was gonna try making Ojama Yellow next but I think I might tackle one of the Chronos doll >D That will be fun!
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