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Catnipped Kitty? Wheeeeeee~~~!

So today while in town and buying a drink in Woolworths I decided to buy myself some Yu-Gi-Oh cards (*And some Pokémon ones*) cos...well...just cos I wanted too really XD;; Anyway I didn't get to open them until just now after I came back from my mum's house and while looking through the first pack I bought (*I bought two*) riiiight at the back of them there was a little monster who I was happy to see!

Yes, I got Catnipped Kitty! :D Squeeeee~~!
Funny thing is I had the feeling all day since I bought them that I had that one in one of the packs *lol*
Now looking at the card I see Catnipped Kitty has one eye that looks purple and the other is green. I coloured them both green on my picture, ah well. *huggles card*
You know, for some fun I really wanna make a deck of monsters I consider cute XD
Why? I don't know cos I won't be using it, I suck at the card game, you need a good memory for it. You should see me on the GBA rom I have on my computer, I place magic/trap cards face down and I can never remember what they are so I have to keep checking what it does XD;;
Besides collecting the card game helps with knowledge on the monsters, I really like learning about the monsters XD;;

Hummm, since I have that week off work in a few weeks I might text Helen and ask if she wants to go to Meadowhall. A shop there usually sells quite a big selection of different card packs.
And when the packs with the GX cards are released, I am so gonna try my best to get Hane Kuriboh :D :D I luff that little fluffball with wings!

In other news I had a crappy day at the chairty shop, it started okay but just before three my confidence took such a dive when I started getting the customers who are difficult --; I messed up a refund cos a lady asked for it but obviously, as stupid as she was, she decided to come in and ask for it only, what? A few minutes before she had to pick up her kids from school....yeah that was smart >>; So I first asked her if she hadn't found anything to exchange the blouse for, as we try and encourage them to find something else but no that just sparked her off "Ooooh I'm on a school run! If you won't give me the refund just give me some credit thing blah blah blah"
I liked how she seemed to imply that I "wouldn't" give her the refund, that's what got my confidence in a twist cos she made me out like I was being mean or something >>; So therefore I did the refund from the till okay but I forgot to fill everything in the refund book ect. ect.

Then right after her I got a lady who wanted to put something away that she could get later. We have to write their name on the bag and the date they are going to come and collect it. I wrote her name (*I forgot a "h" in it and she was all like "No! A "H" and I went to get the stuff she was holding as I was planning to write the date on afterwards as I needed to work out the date it would be Thursday of next week, but she was all like "No, write the date!" so I just tried to quickly work it out but of course I got it wrong and so she started correcting me and wouldn't stop until I had corrected it....
...yeah whatever...

All this could have been avoided if I actually had an ounce of confidence in me, I start doing things wrong cos I start getting flustered. I try and try to do things that may help raise it a bit but it just seems that some days it just seems to get worse XP
So yes, I was kicking myself the rest of today for that...I really gotta stop getting so intimidated by people...
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