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Random Ramblings....

Well today was one of those days at work, there was once again a ton of stuff to do VS me O_o;; The fact is that the two people who were on today before me got pulled onto the checkouts all day therefore not getting much at ALL done on the aisle, then when i get there for the first hour I'm doing NOTHING but running into the back for customers who were asking if we had this and that cos the shelves were like Empty O_O;; Luckly it calmed down after 7pm...
...tomorrow morning I'm working with Micheal, I would say he's more the head honcho of the BWS department, ya see the woman I usually work with every other sunday decided she didn't want to do it anymore so now Micheal has took her place...
....when he sees all that work we have to do he won't be happy, that'll make him regret agreeing to work every other sunday XD
Plus soemtimes he isn't the complete easiest to work with, as he is the same type of person as me most days, he keeps to himself and doesn't talk much to me and in turn that makes me not talk much to him ^_^;; Then again he probably is one of the people on there I least get to work with...ah well... it's only 4 hours LOL Unless they ask me to stay extra cos of the work XD (*Which I'm willing to do this week ^_^;;*)

Oh much more good news! Aswell as getting broadband my dad is also gonna get me a multi region DVD player for my birthday *squeals* It'll be an early B-Day present (*Since he's getting it Monday*) but this means I can buy region 1 DVDs off amazon.co.uk now... I just ordered Pokémon Heroes so I hope I get that without any trouble X_x; But it says in the e-mail I've recived it should be dispatched from America by the 23rd of March :D YAY!

As for Broadband my dad says he'll get it straight away as long as I realize there might be a slight chance I'll have to move my computer downstairs due to wires and such (*He says that it said that it doesn't work well on extention cables or whatever*) but I'm willing to do that, I also had to promise to cut down the computer time considrably -_-;; That'll be hard since I'm a little internet addicted nerd girl and I'm ALWAYS using the computer for other things if it's not the net (*Like colouring a picture*) but I'm gonna have to do it....he agrees that i'm allowed to leave the computer on downloading as long as I stay away from it and do more hosuework O_o;; What housework I dunno.... guess I'll hoover every day XD

Gosh I had a weird dream last night too... Kai from Beyblade turned into a bird flew in front of a car and got hit by it XD He turns back and falls into the grass and the other members in his team are in the car and tyson is like "Woah! Did we hit something?" and Rei is like "I think we just hit Kai" LOL I also bought non-existant Anime DVDs in that dream too XD

Now as for the Yugioh episode, Saiyaman did eventually put it up but it keeps saying the tracker is down for me -_-;; But looks like other people are getting it via the stats on the site.... blah....very very strange... maybe broadband will help that problem when I get it...
....instead I'm working on getting Naruto episode 75, it's from a different site and it works so that's good :D

Okay enough rambling for me I need to hop off to bed soon, work in the morning aswell as new Pokemon and Yugioh...Eeee! The Pokemon episode is where brock gets his Mudkip I just Love that episode.... mostly due to brock's couragous leap over a waterfall to save the Mudkip which ends up his and a little baby Mudkip! Kawaii! X3
New Pokémon and Yugioh makes Sundays worth living XD

Yes I really do not have a life huh? XD
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