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Parodies and Drabbles

Well it seems I'm over the worst of my cold now, I felt fine today, still a little stuffed up and my throat is really dry still but at least no pain and stuff :D I have a little cough too but meh...
The dry throat is making the GX parodies a bit harder to do this week cos trying to pull off Juudai's voice with it is difficult but it should be okay. I've got one clip done (*Out of a large batch*) and for the first time ever I actually worked out a rought script for the clips (*Since I wasn't sure I'd get round to any of them today*) which has proven to be worthwhile :D It was great to get all my ideas down so I wouldn't forget them and oh boy did I have ideas for this one >D Yessssss~~~!
I think you'll all enjoy this weeks parodies. I have all weekend free to work on them so they should be up by at least Sunday hopefully ^^;;

I was feeling really creative yesterday and as usual a lot of the creativity hit me at 2am in the morning and I started off writing some GX drabbles. Linka will know what they are as we talked on MSN about them. They're just kinda little episode drabbles that are kinda like "Scenes you didn't see" like for example for the first episode I would write exactly how Juudai's train was late ect.
So far I wrote one for episode 1, episode 25/26 (*Not sure which one it should be for*) and episode 35 (*Which the RP inspired*) I wanna see how they go and stuff before I post them, cos I have a habit of starting fics and stuff and never finishing them XP

I need to finish colouring my catnipped Kitty picture too, but first, I need fooooooood!! X3
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