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I am the Spirit of the Monopoly Board~!

Well today has been....productive (*Not!*) LOL

I spent most of today chacking if Saiyaman had up the next Yugioh episode but none so far, so never mind, I DID get the 2nd episode to Hikaru no Go instead. It's amazing what kind of things they'll make animes about XD But it's actually strangely intresting...
....what is it with these animes about kids who play games and get stuck with a spirit latching onto them XD Maybe I should make an anime about someone who's forced to play Monopoly by the spirit that lives inside a Monopoly board or something X3 And it can lead to great mysterys~! XD
Er...ignore me, I'm tired....too much computer radiation O_o;;

I also tidied up my MP3 collection today ready for putting onto disks once again! For my computer is running awfully slow at the moment which means it's media deleting time :p

Oh well I think I'll leave the computer downloading Episode 3 of Hikaru no Go while I give my eyes a much needed rest from the computer -_-;; Hummm, must get food too... *walks off*
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