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Intresting in an annoying way

I've been sneezing and been feeling stuffed up all day >>; Not sure whether Hay fever is to blame or if it's me still suffering from cleaning the dust up in my bedroom over the weekend, that can affect me for days...

Today was...intresting in a strange annoying way. I went into town early to run a bank errand for my dad. I went to draw some money from my account and both the cash machines outside the bank both didn't have the withdrawal option so I had to go inside to use the ones in there. Then I had to wait in a loooong line in the humid heat in another bank so I could put the money in my dad's account XP
About an hour before the chairty shop closed a customer was looking through skirts and found this HUGE spider on one of them >_<;;; I left it for a while and about 10 or 15 minutes later I told the manageress and it took a customer to finally get the horrid thing out of the shop and outside *lol*
Then on the way home some guy on one of those scooters you see old people ect. ride came up right behind me, he didn't even say "Excuse me" to get past on the pavement he just rode straight past me almost knocking into me >_< Then he looked up as if to say "That's my right of way" or something. I could hear him grumbling as he rode off but couldn't hear what he was saying >>;

...I need more tissues... XD;;
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