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Broadband could be on the horizon....

YATTA! I actually found the MP3s for the first Yugioh Sound Duel CD (*I have all the MP3s from the 2nd and 3rd*) I thought it would be hard but after five minutes of searching I found a site which had them *squeals*
Sorry ^^; I just adore BGM WAY too much :p
I was writing out a list of my MP3s for a pen pal last night, now I need to add these to the rather large Yugioh list I have XD
And I SO need to sort these MP3s out and get them onto Disks so I can delete them off my computer or my computer may crash and not start up one of these days LOL Well it's okay as long as it's not crashing yet, when it does start crashing that's when it's telling me I have enough on it ^^; Hehehehe!

Oh and I MIGHT of convinced my dad to let us get Broadband, I only had to promise not to be up until 2am everynight and promise that if we have to cancel it at anytime within a year I'll pay what they charge us for it X_x; (*Cos if you cancel it within a year they charge you for the whole year the money grabbing idiots*) So yep but it's a decent price to pay for being able to get high quality episdoes loads quicker...it will be no more waiting 8+ hours for one to download YAY!
He also left a note for me this morning asking me to read through all the Terms and conditions for broadband and told me not to skip any of it X_x; Hard to do when you have the attention span of a fish... plus Yugioh and Beyblade was on *whimpers*

Talking about fish I want to get some fish to put in my brothers room after I decorate it... yeah that was random but I want some goldfish and call then Bakura and Itachi...
....they will be my ninja fish.
But FIRST a certain brother of mine has to move HIS PC out of the room >_< Come on brother! I want to turn your Ex-Room PURPLE DAMNIT!
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