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Hummmm, my Juudai mood theme is slowly growing. Thankyou episode 34 for providing me with some Juudai angst so I could fill up the spaces for distressed/sad ect. still got loads more to do though XD Hopefully I'll finish it before next April XD;;

Right now I've had breakfast and played about a little with this Juudai mood icon set, now it's time to attack this bedroom. I at least need to clean all the stuff out of it and then maybe do the dusting/hovering tomorrow...
...I just hope I can do that cos right now I just don't feel like doing anything XD

I have a feeling the GX review/parodies will be extremly late, with having to do my room and such I may have to put this weeks parodies up on yousendit as I don't think I'll get it done before next Wednesday >>; I have Monday off for the bank holiday so I might be able to work on it then, depends on how much help my dad needs with the spare room ya know....if he's in the "mood" to get started on it
We'll see what happens anyway.

Yeah I'm procrastinating on everything at the moment >>;
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