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Is it me, or is it warm... Oo;

You know, I swear that my room has just gotten loads warmer when I opened the window Oo; First time it's felt like summer is on the way~~~!
Or maybe it's because I've been moving stuff from my bedroom into the spare room to make cleaning easier XD I have to get this room done by at least monday, I need all my stuff out of the spare room cos I might be able to convince my dad to actually get started on doing that room up >_< If he's in a good mood though, he says...
...it's been like a year and a half since my mum and brother moved out and I want to move this computer into the spare room so I can move my desk in this room in it's place cos where it is now it doesn't get any light really, not the best if I choose to sit there and draw really...
...I plan to get a small table so I can stand the hamster's cage on it. I was just going place her cage on the floor but my dad complained that it's drafty on the floor and spiders will get in....
But never mind, I'll just get a small table to keep her cage off the floor but it will at least be easier when she decides to kick sawdust out of her cage, currently she does that, it falls behind the desk and I struggle to get under it to clean it up and it's too heavy to move on my own :p
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