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Juudai loves his towels! :D [and other assorted crack stories]

New Opening! New Ending! Angsting Juudai! Hot Spring crack! TOWEL FUN!!! :D :D
Yes, I loved the episode :D
Juudai's angst spot, it seems, is under/in/sat by water :D

Oh yeah, Titan is one of the 7 Stars/Assassin people, I'm amazed that I actually managed to guess something right so tomorrow, after work, I'll buy myself that cookie I promised myself, yesssss~~! :D any excuse to buy a cookie!

I SOOOOO cannot wait to do the parodies for this episode, though I need to find more water sound effects for it :D I am SO doing that towel scene! You all know I'll be having fun with that ;) Juudai/Towel OTP!!!

Anyway I'm too tired, yet hyped up to make any kind of sense right now so I'll leave you with a panned image I did of an angsting Juudai from the opening which I'm amazed went together (*After much persuasion via the smudge tool*) cos his hair and stuff was flapping about like mad in the wind so, yeah XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh yeah and Juudai's voice actor and the band he's in sings the ending theme <3333 It's about as close to getting a song sung by Juudai as we're gonna get I think (*Since they don't do character songs for Yugioh which is a shame really cos character songs are fun!*) so I'll just imagine Juudai singing it in my terrible little fangirl mind :D
The twirl Hane Kuriboh does at the end is so cute X3

Oh yeah, almost forgot, seems like Kaiba gets a cameo in next weeks episode :D YAAAY~! Oh and I just cannot wait to see Ojama Black and Ojama Green join Ojama Yellow and turn Manjoume more insane than he already has (*If that's even possible*)

Okay...I shall stop rambling now :D
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