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Arrrrrgh! >(

Okay...telephone marketing people...STOP CALLING! NOBODY LIKES YOU CALLING! Phoning up saying it's a survey to stop me from getting any un-nesscery marking phone calls in the future? WTF? And in the end it had something to do with some kind of holiday voucher...well...guess what? That was a freakin' un-nesscery marking phone call!! >(
Plus you asked too many questions....some I was uncomfertable with and was NOT answering >>;
Also people can never understand you since you are calling from some foreign country somewhere!
When I keep saying my mum doesn't live here anymore and my dad is the one who knows more than me that means I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU! GO AWWWWWAAAAY!!!

...I should have just hung up on them >>; But then I'd feel bad cos the person is only doing their job...though they really should get a job that doesn't piss off millions of people...
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