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Back from ze Party~~!

Man I am tired... I was looking forward to crashing at home and setting some downloads going but it seems GX is late up and there are no torrents for those OSTs yet....hummm....maybe tomorrow then.
I'm really cold too, stupid me went to Helen's house and didn't bring a jumper or coat or anything like that, I had to borrow one of Helen's jumpers XD

Her party was fun though and two of her friends, Wendy and Paddy, brought their little 11-month-old and he was so so so so adorable X3 Squeeee~!

Okay so, I'm gonna go and eat the cake slice I brought home and if GX isn't up by then I may just go to bed XP Waaaaaaaay too tired to stay up, not like that's stopped me before but....blah... XD
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