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Pokémon Chronicles: The Legend of Thunder Part Two

Eusine has now apparnetly changed his name to Eugene :p It seems getting your name changed is a fad in the Pokémon world at the moment.
Either the people working on Chronicles don't work on the regular TV show or they are just really forgetful on what they name characters O_o;
Hehehe, everytime I see Eusine I can't help but remember the lovers tiffs he kept having with Gym Leader Morty in the "Ho-Oh the bell tolls" episode....they SO had to be a couple at some point, they really acted like an Ex-couple, lets say that much XD;;

I can't remember that episode so well so I'm unsure if Eusine/Eugene has the same voice as in the show but all I have to say is that in Chronicles, he sounds like a very posh sounding Yami Yugi :D

...there needs to be Hosos about the gym leaders XP Specificlly Morty and Clair, cos they rock!

New Chronicles episodes are every Wednesday...that explains why the repeated the first episode so much....hehehe....
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