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2am + Insane-ness = Naked Yami

Just thought I'd preview something I wrote for anyone intrested ;)

It's hopefully the begining of the end of the Tad fic Ham ham Hamster saga and since I started the saga with insane yugiohness (*Trapping them in a dungeon is fun XD*) I decided to end it with insane yugiohness XD I'll be using some ideas HPDigipokefan wrote for an insane yugioh movie (*Thanks for writing that oh the ideas in that were wonderful XD*) and I'll also be hopefully writing my own version of what's been revealed so far for the new Yugioh movie plot (*Some guy called Anubus with an 8th Millennium Item who has an issue with yami hehehe! The potential in that is great my friends*) Anyway click the silly link to read the randomness so far and tell me if it's funny, I've had humor writing block for a while now X_x;

Deep in the deep depths of the darkest dungeon ever known sit the cast of Yugioh looking grim and petrified.


TEA: - Yeah well that's what you get for accepting candy off the author, being unexpectedly drugged with rare candies....


YUGI: - I wonder what other things this "Author" has in store for us; she's already won strip Duel Monsters against most of the male cast in here....plus all the other strange games she's made us play...

BAKURA: - (*Trying to get green bits out of his hair*) You can say that again, it's going to take me AGES to get this green mutant fungus out of my beautiful hair...

Suddenly tea whacks bakura over the head with a plank of wood she got out of amazing place called nowhere.

BAKURA: - hey what was THAT for?

TEA: - For being a girl... besides YOU were the one who CHOSE to play Bowling with Mutant green fungus....

BAKURA: - (*Sulks*) But that's only because I didn't like the sound of bobbing for apples in the live snake pit... (*He points to a pit in the middle of the floor where various hissing sounds are coming from*)

YAMI YUGI: - (*Sat opposite yami bakura at a stone table*) Kinda makes me glad she doesn't know how to play shadow games, that would be scary...

YUGI: - Erm... Yami... are you and Yami bakura playing strip Duel Monsters...?

YAMI YUGI/YAMI BAKURA: - (*Blush and look away, both not wearing much clothes wise*) N......no....

TEA: - Sooo... you just felt like taking off your clothes....in a dark cold dungeon...?

YAMI YUGI: - Kinda....

YAMI BAKURA: - I guess you could say that.... (*His face then lights up as he sets a card down in front of him*) ...HA! EAT THAT! I've just taken away ALL your life points so that means... (*Looks slyly at yami*) ...I get your underwear!

YAMI YUGI: - WHAT? How did I loooose? I never LOSE, cos I believe in the heart of the cards and all that crap....

YAMI BAKURA: - *rolls his eyes* Who cares! Hand over your underwear pharaoh NOW!

YAMI YUGI: - You're a sadistic Bastard...

YAMI BAKURA: - Why thankyou!

Yami takes off his underwear sparking random shouts, squeals and groans from various other characters. Joey suddenly comes out of his Rare candy induced happiness, squeals like a scared little girl and covers his sister’s eyes.

JOEY: - Whaaaaaa, don't look Serenity!

SERENITY: - But I want to look....

That sparks Tristan and duke to also start taking their clothes off, rather too eagerly but a death stare from Joey makes them stop.

JOEY: - Don't even think about it!

Tristan and Duke pout as the put whatever clothes they had thrown off back on again as Yami looks angrily over the table at Yami bakura who is swinging his underwear in the air.

YAMI YUGI: - Can I have those back now?

YAMI BAKURA: - Now way! They're mine! Aaaaaaallll mine! *with that he decides to sniff them for no real reason but his nose screws up and he pulls a face* Ewwww, they're stinky you can have them back...

With that he throws the pants but they miss Yami entirely and end up landing in bakura's hair.

BAKURA: - (*Sighs*) Yami's pants are stuck in my hair with the green mutant fungus now, aren't they...?

Tea tried to pull the pants out of his hair but they're stuck fast.

TEA: - Oh yeah! Erm.... look at it this way... you might set a new fashion trend... ^^;

YAMI BAKURA: - HA! (*Points to Bakura*) Yami's stinky pants are stuck in your hair! That amuses me!!!

BAKURA: - (*Stands up quickly*) STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!! (*Cries and runs off*)

YUGI: - (*Runs off after him*) Oh Bakura it doesn't look...that bad ^^; Kinda...

YAMI BAKURA: - Geez he's such a girl.... he needs to get laid or something...

YAMI YUGI: - (*Blushing furiously as the rest of the other characters stare at him*) I'm....still.... naked... would you PLEASE quit staring at me....

MARIK: - Now why would we want to stop staring?

YAMI YUGI: - Cos it's WEIRD!

DUKE: - not for us it isn't *smiles*

YAMI YUGI: - O_o;;

More to come X3 Hehehehehehe!

Hummm, I'm hungry and I need to carry on with a picture I started last night... ninja kouji and Kouichi! :D

Yeah I know....I gotta stop drawing ninjas...
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